Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Master Plan Scope Summary and Budget

The following Master Plan Scope Summary and Budget was prepared by RKtects Studio, the architectural firm retained by Overlee to advise on the proposed capital project and develop alternative site plans, to summarize the key features of each of the three final site plan options considered by the Long Range Planning Committee (LPRC) and the preliminary total estimated cost of each. The Maintenance Upgrades option consists essentially of maintaining the status quo in terms of not changing the existing site plan, altering the location of individual features or adding any new amenities. Instead, the Maintenance Upgrades option contemplates replacing the main pool exactly as it currently is (i.e. same footprint, no additional features) and performing all of the long-deferred but now crucial maintenance and renovations on the existing clubhouse, decks, roads and parking lots, and addressing the drainage, retaining wall and fencing issues around the property as described in the Project Considerations presentation contained on this Overlee construction blog. Such presentation was made to Overlee members at the November 3, 2010, general membership meeting. Diagrams and accompanying descriptions of Scheme A/B-2 and Scheme C-2 can be found on this blog under the headings "Option A/B-2" and "Option C-2," respectively.

RKtects developed the cost estimates by applying the same standard industry unit cost measures to all three options, thus enabling the reader to make a high level "apples to apples" comparison of the relative projected costs of each scheme. However, two important caveats should be noted. First, the cost estimates are initial high level estimates that are intended more to serve comparative and scale purposes than as precise calculations of likely final actual costs. In this respect, the estimated cost of the selected option will be continually refined as the details of each aspect of the project are developed. Second and consistent with the first caveat, the cost estimates do not reflect the current favorable market conditions.

With these caveats in mind, the LRPC and the Overlee Board have relied on these preliminary cost estimates to arrive at certain general conclusions that have factored into the final selection of Scheme C-2 as the recommended option that will be presented to the Overlee membership for approval at the February 9, 2011, general membership meeting. First, Overlee will incur a substantial cost even if it does not alter its existing site plan at all and makes only the necessary replacement of the main pool and performs the long-deferred renovations and maintenance of the clubhouse and other features of the Overlee property. In some ways, the Maintenance Upgrades cost estimate masks the likely longer term aggregate costs of keeping the status quo due to the subsequent ongoing costs of retaining and maintaining certain aged facilities. Second, the option that involves the retention and renovation of a portion of the existing clubhouse (Scheme A/B-2) will result in a significantly higher cost than the option that calls for replacing the structure with a new single multi-story and multi-use building (Scheme C-2). Third, Overlee can, through a combination of savings, the levying of a special fee and borrowings, and the continued application of judicious financial management, afford invest in its future and adopt a new site plan that makes better use of its property and includes new pools, deck space and clubhouse with additional features and amenities in each. This will enable Overlee to better serve its members over the coming decades.

Click here for the Master Plan Scope Summary and Budget

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  1. How much does Scheme C-2 cost that it results in a $500 increase in membership fees?


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