Friday, April 27, 2012

Opening Dates and Other FAQs

Q: When will Overlee open?

A: We project early June for the lap pool and bath house, perhaps two weeks later for the main pool (which will include main, social and baby pool, volleyball court, deck and two of the 3 terraces -- the topmost deck will be part of the clubhouse construction zone.) If we can open the pools earlier, by Memorial Day, we will. However, we think that is doubtful now. We need Dominion Power to restore the power -- they tell us that it takes about 30 days from when they get a work order to restore power, and we hope to get that work order this week – April 30 or May 1.
The Clubhouse will not open during the season. The permit process and the design changes (to bring the project back within budget) have just taken too long. We need members to volunteer to develop work-arounds for the social season. We are thinking that tailgates, food vendor trucks, etc., might make some social events feasible. There will be a board contact coordinating this committee, but the committee will need member volunteers. Contact social chair Liz Shipley to volunteer.

Q: What needs to happen before we can open?

A: The lap pool is full, but the new pumps and filters are not running yet. We will pour the new concrete deck in two weeks, and we will put the white-coat of plaster on the new pools as soon as we have power. We need power to run the filters, the lights, the phones. Once we have power, we can do opening cleaning and set-up. Every year, we need an inspection from the county in order to open, and this year is no different. The County has already contacted us to begin our inspections for "phased openings," so we are confident they will work with us, as promised, to allow phased opening as described.

Q: How are we doing against the budget for this project?

A: We are doing pretty well. There were minor increased costs for hauling additional soil away, for improved dive boards, for slightly nicer light fixtures and poles, for changes such as an additional fence to enclose the pump house steps. We were not able to eliminate a storm water system in the lower parking lot. But, the additional costs are well within the reserve we'd maintained.

Q: How can we gear up for the season when we don’t have a facility for meetings or trainings?

A: We have hired staff and lifeguard training is being run at Lee Graham pool. We have had swim team parent meetings and board meetings at Yorktown high, and swim and dive teams will have pre-season practices there as well. We are working through new rules for the new spaces.

Q: What are the new rules?

A: We are trying to anticipate new operational rules for the new space. We know there will likely be changes in our policies during the season too, as we adjust to the new space and decide what does and doesn't work. We are a community association of 800 families, and the Board tries to accommodate all of the diverse voices of our membership.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Updated Site Plan Design

Updated detailed design view of the three new pools. 


Major Progress Continues

Main Pool w/ new Pump House
Another view of Main Pool

Social Pool by the new Wall
New Baby Pool

Photo Credits to Dunia

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Latest Site Plan

See the New Overlee Site Plan by clicking on the below link.  This is the plan as of January 2012.  You can see where the new main pool, social pool, and baby pool will be built.  Also notice the stadium seating leading up to the new clubhouse.

Note: The design at the below link shows where a slide might be placed at some time in the future.  There will not be a slide for the 2012 Summer Season.

Click here for the Overlee Site Plan as of January 2012


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Construction Update

Arlington is on Spring Break, but our Overlee construction crew is NOT.

Next week, the contractor will be installing the concrete shells of the new main pool and social pool. The new design will be more evident then, and we'll post pictures when that step is complete. In addition, the concrete base of the new retaining wall is complete, and stone masons will begin putting the stone face up next week. Work on the pump house will continue.
There's also been progress on important steps that we can't see, but move the project forward. All of the revised plans are pending with the County, and we have addressed the minor comments we received from County staff. We have reviewed all of the equipment specifications and equipment is on order -- from the pumps, filters, and the storm water management system to the new light poles, lifeguard chairs, and backstroke flags.

The weather has been beautifully cooperative, the "Overrlee ghost" stories in the papers haven't scared away any more workers, and, most important, the work has proceeded safely and on budget. We are confident that the phased opening of the pools beginning at the end of May is still a realistic goal. The warm weather and the project taking shape is heightening our anticipation for the coming season -- we can hardly wait!