Monday, May 16, 2011

Latest Set of Proposed Plans

The Long Range Planning Committee has been working with RKtects Studios, the architectural firm retained by Overlee to assist with the major renovation project, to refine the master site plan that was presented to and approved by the Overlee general membership at the annual meeting that was held on February 9, 2011. The latest master site plan can be viewed by clicking on this link: site plan. Since the February meeting, the changes to the master site plan have been driven primarily by two general factors: (1) the desire to preserve as many of the healthy mature trees on the Overlee property as possible based on an extensive tree survey and analysis performed by an arborist retained by Overlee, and (2) to comply with the latest applicable laws and regulations, namely those pertaining to handicapped access and storm and sewer management.

We have also posted on this same link draft exterior and floorplan designs for the new clubhouse. The exterior designs include a view of the proposed clubhouse from each of four directions. Although the designs are still in draft form and yet to be finalized, they incorporate many of the suggestions and comments that have been provided by members of the Overlee Board of Directors, the Long Range Planning Committee, and the Overlee community in general. Please direct any comments you might have concerning the clubhouse to or the renovation generally to

The entire set of proposed plans:

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