Sunday, April 1, 2012

Construction Update

Arlington is on Spring Break, but our Overlee construction crew is NOT.

Next week, the contractor will be installing the concrete shells of the new main pool and social pool. The new design will be more evident then, and we'll post pictures when that step is complete. In addition, the concrete base of the new retaining wall is complete, and stone masons will begin putting the stone face up next week. Work on the pump house will continue.
There's also been progress on important steps that we can't see, but move the project forward. All of the revised plans are pending with the County, and we have addressed the minor comments we received from County staff. We have reviewed all of the equipment specifications and equipment is on order -- from the pumps, filters, and the storm water management system to the new light poles, lifeguard chairs, and backstroke flags.

The weather has been beautifully cooperative, the "Overrlee ghost" stories in the papers haven't scared away any more workers, and, most important, the work has proceeded safely and on budget. We are confident that the phased opening of the pools beginning at the end of May is still a realistic goal. The warm weather and the project taking shape is heightening our anticipation for the coming season -- we can hardly wait!

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  1. It could just be me, but I do not have a good idea of what this is going to look like in its finished state. I have reviewed all of the posts, but there is only one half-way decent site picture, and it is unlabeled and only an overhead view.

    Are there any other design documents you can post that would give a good indication of what the finished project will look like?



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