Monday, October 31, 2011

Construction Update

Construction Update 10/13/2011

Duck on Water

We are distributing this e-mail to update all Overlee members as to the status of our renovation project.  Since Overlee closed for the season last month, we have received a number of inquiries:  Why hasn't construction started?  Has the project been postponed for a year?  Will we have a pool next summer?  While Overlee may appear to be in its usual post-season slumber, like a duck on water, in fact a great deal of activity continues to take place beneath the surface.

When we last reported on the progress of the project during the summer general membership meeting, we displayed a number of detailed site plans that showed the developments that have taken place with respect to the proposed pool designs, the layout of the expanded pool deck and surrounding areas, and the features of the new clubhouse.  Since then, the Long Term Planning Committee (LRPC) and the Overlee Board have made considerable progress on a number of a number of key fronts:

1.  We have retained a pool contractor;

2.  We have had a tree preservation plan developed by arborists for the express purpose of minimizing damage to the mature oaks on our property;

3.  We have worked closely with the County to grant an easement and vacate an easement on the Overlee property;

4.  We have received three substantial bids from prospective general contractors and expect to make an award within the next couple of weeks;

5.  We have firmed up bank financing in line with our financing plan; and

6.  We have submitted permit applications to Arlington County.

The list could go on and on, and the achievement of each of these milestones has required considerable efforts on the part of the LRPC, the Board and RKtects Studio, the architects we retained for this project.  We are now in the final planning stages and much will depend on how quickly Arlington County acts on our permit applications.  While we had hoped to be further along at this time in the permit process, the scope and complexity of our project involves hundreds, if not thousands, of details that must be considered carefully.  With a little luck and the continued dedication on the part of many Overlee volunteers, we still expect "to break ground" and see all of our planning efforts come to fruition in the near future.  We will keep the membership posted once the construction schedule is set.  In the meantime, when you see Overlee with no apparent activity taking place, think of the duck on the water and rest assured that there is, in fact, a great deal of paddling is taking place beneath the tranquil surface.

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