Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Overlee Pool Construction Update

Dear Overlee Members,

As we approach 2012, we would like to update you on the status of our new pool and clubhouse project.

After months of work, we are thrilled to report to you that construction will begin in the very near term.  As we noted in our October update, there were several key pieces of the project that were not fully resolved at that time, including final selection of the general contractor and approval of the site plan by Arlington County.  Both pool and general contractors  have now been selected.  Most importantly, we are now in possession of all of the necessary permits required by Arlington County to build the new pool, the new clubhouse, and make the related changes to the 4 acres that encompass the entire Overlee property.

We are now prepared to begin construction in earnest.  Demolition of the existing clubhouse and preparation of the site for the new pool is slated to begin in late January.

Given the delayed start, the Board deliberated deferring the project until after the summer of 2012.  The decision to proceed with the project beginning this winter was made for several key reasons.  Most importantly, the Board has confidence that the pool and deck construction will be completed in time for the regular season opening over Memorial Day weekend.  Delaying the project presented a number of considerations that we discussed and evaluated, including the risk of higher costs and changes in critical personnel.  Finally, the existing pool and deck present risks due to age and deferred maintenance that could necessitate extensive, costly repairs and could jeopardize a portion of the regular season.

Although any construction project brings with it a certain amount of risk and uncertainty, our contractors are confident that typical winter weather will not irrevocably delay this project.  We are confident that the pool can be completed on time.  Similarly, the clubhouse will be finished in the summer, even if not by Memorial Day.

The annual membership meeting is scheduled to take place on February 15 at 7:00pm.  The location of the meeting is to be decided, as the clubhouse will be a construction site by that time. Members are always encouraged to attend the annual meeting to elect members of the Board and discuss and approve the budget for the coming year.  We also encourage you to attend that meeting to get additional information about the renovation project. 

Best wishes to you and your family for a happy Holiday season.

The Overlee Board


  1. Can they build a pool in 4 months or less? How much member input did the board gather on whether or not we think it's a good idea to start in late January? I wonder if we should put this to vote before demo begins: proceed vs. delay until September 2012. Can we call a special meeting in January to discuss?
    Cautious and Concerned,
    Brooke Gustafson

  2. Yes, we are confident that the pool can be built in this time frame.

    The Board represents all of the membership, and takes that responsibility seriously. We held multiple meetings on this issue, and considered carefully the decision to proceed. We have hired experienced and highly recommended professionals -- architects, engineers, pool subcontractor and general contractor -- and have benefitted from the advice of volunteer Overlee members on the board and long range planning committee who are architects, engingeers, planners, lawyers, bankers, and more. These folks invested hundreds of hours in developing the plans and had input into the revised schedule. I certainly don't discourage you from praying for good weather, but we did consider typical winter weather in making this decision.

    Mary Bohan
    Overlee Board President

  3. Thanks for your response to my post, Mary (and for construction updates by email and posts since). I'm glad to hear the board weighed all options before proceeding. You all have worked so hard on this project and put together such an amazing plan. Thanks for all the effort. Looking forward to new pool.

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