Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Questions and Answers

Q: Will my Overlee dues be pro-rated if the pool does not open on Memorial Day?

A: During the 2012 season, members will not receive a rebate of dues, even if the pool opening is delayed. Dues were set in the annual budget approved by the membership in our annual meeting. Although there may be some marginal savings in hourly employee pay and utilities, the majority of our remaining costs are fixed -- for example, insurance, taxes, maintenance. If an unanticipated substantial delay creates a windfall in unexpended funds, the Board will consider that in future financial decisions.


Q: Will there be reciprocity at other pools for Overlee members if our opening is delayed?

A: We expect that our members will be welcome as guests at many neighboring pools, but will be expected to pay entrance fees and come as the guest of a member of that host pool. We have also asked that the County work with us to explore preferential admission to County facilites or Upton Hills Regional Park if we are substantially delayed. Alhough we are planning for the contingency of a late opening, our primary energies are directed to keeping the rennovation on schedule. We plan to open in phases -- the lap pool and bathhouse first, by Memorial Day, and the main pool, new social pool and baby pool as soon thereafter as possible. The Clubhouse and upper decks will be the final phase, opening in the middle of the season. We will be better able to set firm dates in the coming weeks, as more of the project milestones are completed. Please check back -- the website will have the most current information.

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  1. How deep are the baby and social pools?

    How deep is the new main pool?


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