Saturday, May 19, 2012

Construction Update

Q: When, when, when?

A: We are on target to open the first week of June. Three major pieces of work remain before we can open the lap pool and bathhouse. One, we need to complete the storm water management system that involves burying tanks and drains under the front parking lot and front driveway. That work must be complete so that vehicles (and our members) can have safe access. Two, we need to pour the concrete pool deck – that will happen in 4 or 5 phases, beginning with the far side of the pool, near the volleyball court. It’s like painting the floor of a room – you need to start in a corner and finish at the door. The ”door,” where trucks have level access to the site, is right near the back gate. Finishing this major piece of work will allow the contractor to pull most of the equipment out of the way of the lower parking area and away from the back gate, so we can safely enter there. Third, we need to install fencing to enclose the pool, and to temporarily enclose the ongoing construction. When these pieces are in place, we should be able to pass the building permit and health department inspections mentioned in earlier Q&As.

Workers are installing the “coping tile,” which finishes the edge of the pool.  This tile must be in place before we pour the concrete for the pool deck.

The new volleyball court is at the far end of the pool, near its old location.  Like the pools, it will be brand new.  Workers are raking the truckloads of new sand.

This trench is alongside the lap pool – where we used to have perpendicular parking.  Workers are installing part of the storm water management system that is mandated by the Chesapeake Bay Act.  We will patch the parking lot when they finish in about 2 weeks.

This is the front drive – you can see the steps to the front desk.  This is also part of the storm water management system that we must install.  The small shingled building is the pump house – notice the small round windows, those came from the old clubhouse. 


  1. Thank you for the update.

    When you state we are on target to open the first week of June -- are you just referring to the lap pool?

    If so, what is the current time table for the new pool areas (not including the club house).

    If only the lap pool will be open, how will it function -- lap only or as a social pool as well?

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

    Kendra R.

  2. Will all the rain this week delay pouring concrete, thus delaying past 1st of June?

  3. As mentioned in earlier Q&As, we plan to open in phases. The lap pool and bathhouse will be first, in the first week of June. The new main pool, social pool and baby pool will follow, but likely not til mid-June.

    During the time that the lap pool is the only open pool, most of the time there will be a few lap lanes and a majority general use space. There will be lap swimming in the early mornings and late evenings. The schedules should be posted any day now.

    Flexibility will be the key to enjoying these early weeks. In addition to rotating between lap lanes and general use, we will likely have limited parking at first. We'll post hours and other limitations on the web site to keep members informed.


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  5. To everyone who's asked about refunds:

    I'm just a member like you, not on the construction team. But it seems to me that if everyone got a refund, there'd be no money to finish the construction.

    I mean, we all own the pool together; there's no "corporation" from whom we buy pool services. We're a community.

    Although it's annoying not having the pool open on time, I didn't lift a finger to make anything happen, I didn't have to learn how this would all work, I haven't attended any meetings with the county or contractors, etc. So I don't blame anyone; I know they've done their best for months. I'm just thankful for the incredible work all the volunteer leaders have put into this. Remember, they're neighborhood folks like we are, except they've volunteered thousands of hours on our behalf, and they get nothing special other than satisfaction at a job well done.



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