Friday, May 25, 2012

Construction Update

Overlee Update

Overlee families: Your board of directors would like to thank you for your patience as we move to the completion of our major pool upgrade.  We have always known that the schedule would be tight, so we appreciate the many of you who have offered encouragement and support as we move to completion.  The weather has not been cooperating with us recently.  Several days of heavy rain have put our planned phased opening back.  The major hold up is that we need to pour concrete and have our parking lot relatively clear of construction equipment before we can get county approval to open our lap pool.  We have been working hard toward that goal.  We have been in daily contact with our contractor, and with his subcontractors and have weekly construction updates with Harry, our contractor, and Eleanor, our architect.  Ultimately, it was the assessment of the professionals that the concrete pour would require dryer conditions.  The best estimate is that we have lost a week to 10 days on our completion schedule.  We are still planning a phased opening, as soon as safety permits.  We have prepared contingency staffing plans for various completion dates.

A small number of members have inquired about refunds.  We ask everyone to remember that this is a community association and that we depend on each other as members to fund both the construction project and to bear the risks associated with this major upgrade.  Put simply, there is no money in the budget for refunds.  That said, we expect that once the pool is open we should be able to extend hours in both the morning and the evening to give members the maximum opportunity to enjoy our new pool.

We thank you all for the patience and understanding you have shown so far.  We are especially thankful for the volunteers who have contributed literally thousands of hours to this project on your behalf.  We were delighted by the reaction of those who came to our open house in April.  We are all disappointed that the project has not been finished in time for our traditional Memorial Day opening, but we're committed to providing a top notch facility for our members to enjoy for many years to come.   


  1. Mike M - - thanks for the update recently. Keep up the good work board-members/volunteers (and construction folk)

  2. Does the Board plan to open the Lap Pool for "social use" in June (while the other pool construction is being finished) or will the Lap Pool just be open for lap swimming?

  3. A suggestion - the Board should start sending WEEKLY updates to the Overlee community about the construction going forward. We are all anxious to hear about the progress and welcome more information, more frequently.

  4. Can the Board provide a better "estimate" of when the entire pool will be opening? With the current delay, is the best estimate to have the pool open when APS is out for the Summer (June 23-24 weekend)?

  5. As a former Board Member, I have watched the ongoing Construction with great interest and wondered when the project would be completed. I agree with the previous comment that the weather has been on our side for over 5 months. No measurable snow at all this winter, and minimal rain. IMO, the real issue here is the delay in obtaining the Permits for the job. Little to no activity took place from the close of the Season until well after the New Year. Can anyone shed any light on the delay in obtaining the Permits? Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Project was a 'go' after the February 2011 Annual Meeting (we paid a $500 assessment last Summer), so there should have been ample time to do the final drawings and submit for Permit before the end of the 2011 Season. Was the Architect or an outside Construction Manager engaged to assist in obtaining the Permits? If the Contractor was responsible, are there penalties in the Contract for failure to obtain the Permits or to meet the delivery date? In the end, I am sure the Pools will be great and I know firsthand that the existing Main Pool was on it's last legs. Just curious to hear about the thought process.

    By Dave DiNardo on Construction Update at 5:59 PM

  6. I have had many of the same questions that Dave DiNardo wrote about above. I am also curious about the effect that the movie filming had on the start date of the construction and the budget. It is my understanding that we rented out our property to a movie production this fall. I wonder how much revenue we gained from doing this. Did the movie production rental effect the ability to obtain permits or delay the start of construction? Thank you for addressing this matter as I have yet to hear about the decision process in this rental. (This may have been discussed in board meetings but I get my information from the Newsletters, e-mails, and this blog's posts.)

    By Breanne Smith Rodino

  7. Breanne-
    Thank you for your comment.
    The movie rental of Overlee's parking lot had no effect on the construction or permitting schedule.
    The roughly $6000 rental fee went directly to Overlee's general fund.
    If you have further questions about the movie rental, feel free to email me directly.
    Thanks, Mike Maleski

  8. Has the board thought about working out a solution that would enable members to attend another pool - such as Tuckahoe -- until opening? Thanks.

    Kathleen Ham

  9. It sounds like Overlee consulted with the Hamlet Swim Club Board during the construction. HSC opened about 5 weeks late a few years ago.

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