Monday, May 28, 2012

Rain Delay

Due to the rain last week and the forecast of rain this week, the projected opening date for the Lap Pool is now mid-June. If the weather clears the contractor still expects the other pools to be open by the time Arlington Schools close.  The Board of Directors is consulting with Greg and looking at many options to try to keep the pools open expanded hours and days to help make up for the lost pool time.


  1. Why are so many of the posts on this blog being deleted? I've signed my previous posts with my first name, I guess I will append my full name to this one. But it seems to me like the rule that one must leave their full name or the post will be deleted is being applied rather selectively. The stated purpose of this blog is to exchange information. Some of that information is likely to be more of a critique rather than encouragement. Some of the deleted posts were seeking information and I dont think the most recent post about the opening getting pushed back until the end of June answered those posts. I guess this is the Boards blog and they can delete whatever they want but it dont understand the selective deletion of comments. If someone posts a vulgar, profanity laced screed then I hope you delete it. If someone asks an uncomfortable question or expresses their growing frustration, I would hope that would be allowed as it is an exchange of information. Jim Dooley

  2. Jim,

    Thank you for your concern and involvement in this process. There are three notes on this blog warning that anonymous comments will be removed. The problem with the anonymous comments is that we don’t know if they are actually coming from Overlee members and we don’t know if the same person is leaving multiple comments. I could shut off anonymous comments but I wanted to make it as easy as possible for members to comment. I have not and will not remove comments from members who identify themselves. In some cases, as you have seen, I have removed anonymous comments that were duplicates or did not seem to add constructive dialogue to the conversation.

    The construction committee is working on an update to be posted later today that will try to address all of the recent questions.


    Jim Mountain

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  4. Fantastic website! Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and thoughts here.


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